Fayette County, Georgia

Before visiting our community, view the map and you will see that Fayette County is a special place where rural beauty and traditional roots have been meticulously blended with urban convenience and amenities. Located only 30 minutes from the heart of Downtown Atlanta, its success in fusing together a rich heritage and a flair for cosmopolitan living has earned the Fayette Community a place among the most favored communities in America. A lifestyle supported by well-planned surroundings, a low crime rate, a superior education system and vast recreational opportunities is its hallmark. This coveted quality of life has established it as the “Pearl of Metropolitan Atlanta’s Southern Crescent Region”.

Encompassing only about 199 square miles, it is one of the smallest counties in the State in terms of land area. Fayette County is geographically located in which is referred to as the northwestern part of Georgia. More precisely, it is situated about 15 miles south of the city limits of Atlanta and is considered an integral part of the Metro Atlanta area. Incorporated communities located within Fayette County include the City of Fayetteville, which is the County seat, the Town of Brooks, the City of Peachtree City, and the Towns of Tyrone and Woolsey.

In geographical terms, Fayette County possesses some excellent physical characteristics. With a year-round average temperature of 61.4 degrees, the climate is very favorable, consisting of warm summers and moderate winters. Though Fayette’s climate is considered generally mild, residents do enjoy four distinct seasons, from bountiful blooms of dogwoods and azaleas in the spring to a delightful blaze of colorful leaves in the fall.

Another important attribute of Fayette County that it is strategically located in proximity the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, and the Atlanta Regional Airport – Falcon Field, as well as to three interstate highways, I-75, I-285, and I-85, which offers a quick commute to Downtown Atlanta or to the various professional sports venues.

In spite of its relatively small size in terms of land area, Fayette County offers lots of leisure-time opportunities, with its six golf courses, a championship tennis center, two amphitheaters, a number of annual festivals and community events. In recent years, with the opening of Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Fayetteville, Fayette has exploded with, quality shopping venues and eating establishments.
Some of our favorite restaurants in Fayetteville.

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